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are to be done along with the reading.

Supplemental materials:
El Padrino (link 1)
Convents (link 2)
Peter Rabbit stories (link 3)

Youth: 0-6

Discuss: "I'll explain things to you when you're older." But she wouldn't. she had made the same promise before." (pg. 6) Did Celia make the promise to this Matt before? How many clones have there been? Why (purpose)? What would you do with clones?

Journal:Top of pg. 9; How does Matt feel about his situation?

Journal:Pg. 18; What instances have you had where you feel tongue tied.

Discussion:Pg. 22; Does Matt know how to feel?

Activity/Discussion:What superstitions did you have when you were younger? Do you still have? (link 4)

Activity/Discussion:Pg. 26; "Clones aren't people"-> Do you agree or disagree? What's your opinion of the right of clones?

Discussion:Pg. 48; explain the mental change described by Maria. Now, after reading pg. 49, how has Matt changed?! what effects can this have on a 6 year old? what examples can you provide? (the 'long, long ago' episode of South Park)

Journal:How is Matt like Peter Rabbit?

Discussion:Matt’s status as a clone obviously has many disgusted by his presence. How do Celia and Maria differ from the other characters in this regard? What about being a clone would cause the other to ostracize and mistreat him as they do?

Journal:Have you ever witnessed a situation where someone is mistreated based on their differences? How did this make you feel? How did you react? What would you do if it happened now?

Middle Age: 7-11

Discussion:Tell me about the metaphor on pg. 53

Journal:Describe/relate to how the reader feels at the end of pg. 57

Journal:What does Matt and El Patron's relationship remind you of?

Discussion:Pg. 59; El Patron's is 140years old. Is it really good to live so long? If you have a choice to be immortal, what will you choose?

Activity:El Patron challenge: find two rich and famous people that came from nothing. Share their stories with the class.

Activity:Describe the 1st paragraph on pg. 60

Activity/discussion:What do you think of that makes you do good? Have you had another similar connection?

Journal:How can you tell if somone might be a good friend? pg. 63-4

Journal/Discussion/Activity:pg. 66; how do you let feelings/frustrations out? (link 5)

Activity:pg. 69; we see Matt has developed body language skills, lets try communication game with body language. (link 6)

Discuss:(Revisit the journal on 'effects on a 6 year old') Apply this thought with what Tam-Lin says on pg. 70.

Discuss:Ch. 8. Matt seems born yesterday to the world. what would some of your reatcions be to things matt saw?

Discuss:We know Matt is a clone, a copy, a photograph, do you think Matt is an eejit?

Discuss:What can we do when constantly reminded of a flaw or disposition?

Discuss:Pg. 89; When Matt plays piano, the music calms him down and enchants him. Do you have a similar experience?

Journal:Write a reaction to the end of pg. 91

Journal:Pg.96 Have you ever met a character like Tom, an angel in appearance but a real devil inside. tell us a story about it.

Discuss:pg. 101; what does El Patron reveal that makes he and Matt even more similar?

Discuss/Activity:What is Tam-Lin teaching Matt?

Journal:What personal self-worths are you fond of? what makes you special?

Journal:pg. 134; ever feel like 'the thing on the bed'? Describe.

Discuss:pg. 135; ever feel like reverting back to childhood? why?

Journal/Discuss:pg. 138; why are humans hard to forgive?

Discuss/Activity:Why did El Patron want to be burried like a pharaoh? or live like El Dorado? (links 7 and 8)

Old Age: 12-14

Activity:pg. 146, last line; (link 9) compare Shakespeare's 'seven ages of man' speech. what does this mean? did you notice these character traits in the story? can you label anyone? how has their character developed, if at all?

Discuss:After ch. 15; Thoughts on the Implants/Chips/Clamps
Activity:'brother wolf'; (link 10)

Activity:(link 11) other historical treaties between U.S. and Mexico

Discuss:Can eejits be reverted, back to normal? what could some possible cause/effect be?

Journal:pg.158; Tell us about Saint Francis and the story of Brother Wolf, in your own words (see additional link).

Discuss:pg.159. Do you think plants, animals, clones have souls? Have you ever heard of the "animisitc belief" of the Native American?

Discuss:pg. 183; is life about what you've already won or what you continue to do?

Discuss:pg. 189; ever treat anyone this way? have this view?

Activity:pg. 196; find historical similarities (link 12)

Discuss:pg. 204; discuss the politics mentioned, thoughts...

Discuss/journal:pg. 211; REACT!

Age 14

Discuss:pg. 234; explain the 4th paragraph

Activity:pg. 236; (link 13) find similarities between the story of El Patron and Lo Pan of B.T.I.L.C.

Discuss:pg. 245; realization: we're all human...sometimes.

Discuss/Activity:pg. 246; discuss moving away from machine based economy: pros/cons

Discuss/Journal:pg. 252; how would you describe emotions? (ie: Matt's sorrow in the 2nd paragraph)

La Vida Nueva

Discuss:pg. 273-4; Individualism

Discuss:pg. 282; repeated 5 principles, what type of society is this like? what other stories is it comparable to?

Activity:Pg. 292; Self-criticism, accusation and recitation of the Five Principles of Good Citizenship and the Four Attitudes Leading to Right are very similar to what happened in Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Take a look at the link to Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Discuss:pg. 294; define clone. what does Matt's new landscape seem like? Parts?

Discuss:pg. 312; explain what Fidelito says about Ton-Ton

Activity:pg. 349-50; 'party for death' Interesting customs/holidays/rituals you're familiar with? (link 14)

Discuss:pg. 355; bottom. is it coincidence Maria wound up in a convent?

Journal:pg. 358; if you understood a similar situation to the 3rd paragraph, what would you do to help? give instances.

Journal:pg. 360; top. what feelings do you get when authority snaps in the middle of a scuffle like that?

Discuss:Eng ch. 36; Have you had to talk your way out of something? what are some techniques?

Activity:pg. 364; 1st paragraph. pair up. ask your partner how they describe the world, how do they view things?

Discussion:pg. 368; what more do we learn about surrounding societies? Economy? what is the orphan ratio (link 15) what happened?

Discuss:What 'age' is Matt in now?!

Activity:pg. 372; (link 16) China's Dragon Emperor, life and death compare to El Patron's

Discuss/Journal:pg. 374; why was Matt feeling colder when they talked of El Patron?

Discussion/Activity:What do you do when responsibility is thrust upon you? who do you employ? how do you keep them around?
Discuss Business Ethics. (link 17)

Whole Books
Journals/ Discussion:
1. Tam uses trees as a metaphor to describe the life decisions that El patron made. (P70) Draw your wishing trees.

2. Choose one of the characters’ quotations and illustrate your thoughts about it. You are welcome to explain the quotes or connect them into your personal experiences. (1) Quotes from El Patron
P301; “Easy targets were opportunities to frighten enemies you weren’t ready to tackle just yet.”

P266; “It was important to establish your authority before anyone had a chance to question it. You should never look anxious or needy. People always took advantage of those who were anxious or needy.”

P378; Always choose your bodyguards from another country. They find it hearder to make alliances and betray you.

(2) Quotes from Tam Lin

P311; “A jailer has a hundred things on his mind, but a prisoner has only one: escape.”

P173; “Act like you’re in control and nine times out of ten, you’ll get away with it. Most people are cowards underneath”

(3) Quotes from Celia P307; “Some people might think slowly, but they are very thorough about it.”

3. P364; “Maria’s life was full of drama. A flower opening in the garden and a butterfly lighting on a window were causes for excitement, Through her eyes, Matt saw the world as an infinitely hopeful place.” Find and describe the joys in your daily lives.

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